A creative combination

The latest addition to the Lydall Gutsche product portfolio includes createx® which ideally combines the proven benefits of a modern needlefelt and the additional benefit of PTFE membrane.
This creation has made it possible to add the existing characteristics and advantages of a modern needle felt combined with those of a PTFE membrane. This results in the lowest possible dust emissions and the highest filtration efficiency.
This product has wide ranging uses, from waste incineration, power generation and metallurgy to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. createx® complies to VO(EG) 1935/2004 and RL(EG) 2002/72 (food legislation) and can be used in the food industry. In combination with condutex® needlefelts, a conductivity as per DIN 54345 is possible. This is important for the use in applications where a permanent antistatic filter media is required.