Lydall Gutsche’s research and development

Design and advanced technologies are a priority for all of Lydall Gutsche’s products. Based on a commitment to continuously enhancing our research and development, Lydall Gutsche has introduced a steady stream of new and advanced techniques to the market, and is well positioned to provide the next generation of technology, innovation and products.
Our facilities include state of the art measurement and testing techniques. We can meticulously test new developments in accordance with the specifications that apply. For example, our facilities include the Differential Scanning Calormetry Analysis (DSC-Analysis) which is used in determining the polymer and comparing polymers after application use.
In addition, the Lydall Gutsche-VDI test equipment proves to be quite significant when inspecting the operating performance of our products. With this latest state of the art equipment we are able to simulate high operating temperatures of up to 250°C. Thereby degrees of fraction separation can be identified.